Having to troubleshoot a coupon which is not working

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Having to troubleshoot a coupon which is not working

Is your New balance discount code not working? Then you need to troubleshoot it. A coupon code might not work for various reasons. The common one is exemptions and restrictions and thus you need to know more about them.
If it happens that the code appears to be general and tends to apply to anything that is offered on the site, there might be typically at least a few exclusions to it. Unless stated specifically, coupons will not be able to discount gift cards of the store or particular brands which are excluded due to the restrictions of the manufacturer.
There are some coupons that will exclude whole categories like clearance and sale items or items which have special pricing like items for the deal of the day. Coupons for free shipping might exclude heavy or oversized items. At certain stores, exclusions might be quite substantial that it might be hard in finding an item which the codes apply to.
In case the store where you are shopping from has a marketplace or other list of sellers on their site, coupons might not be able to apply to such items. In majority of the places, the coupon will tend to only apply to items which the store is able to sell directly.
A code will also not be able to work if it already has expired. It is possible for the stores to discontinue codes before the date of expiration which they provide; there could be an expiration exact date which is given, meaning that, that offer might end any time.
Getting extra details
If you happen to see a coupon that is listed on the website of the store, you need to check the link of the details with the find prints which might provide insights into what the items which are eligible for that particular discount and what items are not.